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> murder husbands au; 

clickthe gun goes off; will’s sure of it. his thumb, pressed against the trigger, can prove that. but hannibal’s able, strong hands are tightly jammed against the weapon, and he knows hannibal had done the impossible: he’d stopped the gun from firing.

that same hand takes the gun away from his sweaty grip.

william,’ hannibal coos, reaching up to grasp at the side of will’s neck after he’d disposed of the gun with ease, ‘—we had both come to the agreement that i would do the honors of this kill. i warned you, ahead of time, of your punishment, if you failed to comply with my commands and pull the trigger.’

will doesn’t meet his eyes. he can’t.

now. i will clean up this mess; and you, dear william, will head straight for home. take a long, hot shower.’ a pause. then:

take your time and acquaintance yourself very well with the pillows. after all, you will be biting them soon enough. i’ve always enjoyed the simplicity of taking you raw.’ 

and that was that.



I’m sorry I can’t stop doodling Will doing puppy play kink with Hannibal


I’m sorry I can’t stop doodling Will doing puppy play kink with Hannibal

also,he may just grab his shoulder or take him by the elbow, you know, to ground him.but instead he gently cup his face and told him metaphorically how he loves him!(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


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Fanfiction writers right now



i don’t even know where to begin

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una-and-the-lion asked: i think i'm dying the episode was so romantic



also i want to mention that there was no reason for hannibal to touch will, when he was prattling about the chrysalis metaphor. it isn’t the same as when will was having a seizure in hannibal’s dining room, when hannibal needed to make sure will was medically alright. in this scene, hannibal could have just taken the gun, maybe stepped a little closer so will could hear him clearly, but there was no reason for him to grab the side of will’s head except that he wanted to. hannibal wanted to touch will, during this extremely important moment in their relationship. that is just such perfect canonical proof of hannibal wanting to be physical with will, i don’t know how to cope. 

i was with a guy last night and im telling you that little neck-grab-eye-contact-check-out-those-lips movement is eXACTLY WHAT WE DID before making out


Stupid comic strips from S2E08.
……I’m sorry but I’m not sorry. (  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)